Air Jordan 5 Low “Fire Red” | Another Go-Round

The Air Jordan 5 Low is back, returning to retailers for the first time since 2007, and it means business. I mean . . . obviously. It’s a for-profit consumer product; that’s basically the definition of “business.” But I digress. . . .

The Dunk From Above and Alternate colorways have already dropped, the Knicks looms large on the horizon, but it's the Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red that may be the best of the bunch. Revisiting the iconic Fire Red AJ5 Mid, the new “Fire Red” sports that same white leather upper and red-and-black midsole, but adds a in few updates; a black sidewall here, a lowered collar there. The end result is different, yes, but no less striking, and the lower cut is perfect for the spring styles that lie ahead.

The Air Jordan 5 Low Fire Red hits stores March 12, the latest launch in what’s quickly becoming the season of the lowtop V.
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